There are two types of translation services: Audio translation and Text translation. Audio Translation is a speech to text translation. Text Translation is, well, as you already know, a translation from a source text into another language.

​​Focus Group/Interview Translation (Audio Translation)


  • Transform your audio or VDO file into a text file in another language

  • Files saved in MS Word or other requested format.​ 

Annual report Translation 


  • Available content:

   1. Message from CEO                         2. Message from Chairman  

   3, Message from Board of Directors    4. Business Description   

   5. Organization structure                      6. Related transactions

   7. Cooperate Governance Report        8. The audit committee report


Dissertation Translation 


  • Available Subject fields:

    1. Arts&culture                         2. Literature                     3.Linguistics        

    4. Interior design                      5. Philosophy                   6. History

    7. Natural Science                    8. Music

Government Document translation


  • Examples:​​

   1. Birth certificates                    2. Death certificates           3. Marriage certificates

   4. Divorce certificates               5. House registrations        6. ID cards    

   7. Driver's licenses                   8. Transcriptions                etc.


  • Inkdot Certified Translation & Legalization service from MFA of Thailand are available upon request.​ 

Legal  translation


  • Examples

    1. Witness statements                          2. Police statement         

    3. Leasing contracts                             4. Employment contract     

    5. Memoranda of association               6. Articles of association            

    7. Confidentiality agreements               8. Terms of reference                 etc.


Summary translation


  • Summarise and translate the source text by reducing its original length by 50 percent

  • Perfect for news, articles, reports

Subtitle translation


  • Create subtitles to your personal clips/ movies/ short movies 

  • No need to worry if you have a script or not. We can transcribe one for you before doing translation.

  • File saved in your own template and house style or in doc, docx, xls, xlsx

Playscript translation


  • Translate playscripts for Musical plays, Communication plays and other stage plays

  • The translated script can be used as subtitles along the stage

  • File saved in your own template and house style or in doc, docx, xls, xlsx (2 or 3 columns with source-text script and target-text script)

Advertisement translation

  • Translate Brochures, posters, postcards, flyers, leaflets

  • File saved in your original template or in doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf

  • Desktop Publishing is available upon request

Website content translation


  • Translate banners, links, and website content

  • File saved in your own template or in doc, docx, xls, xlsx

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